Dynamics 365 Business Central: Start using Partner Sandbox Environments

At last Directions EMEA 2021 in Milan, Microsoft announced the future availability of Partner Sandbox Environments for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Now the future is here and you can start using them right now.

But what are Partner Sandbox Environments?

As a Microsoft Partner for Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can now buy the Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Sandbox licenses that permit you to have non-production Dynamics 365 Business Central environments for training, testing and doing demos at a low cost (about $6 per user/month). The only requirement is that you must have at least 5 employees who will use the partner sandboxes that you create using this license. There’s no a limit for the maximum number of users.

The environments that you acquire through the Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Sandbox license are strictly meant for use only on the partner’s tenant. You are not allowed to use this license in a customer tenant, nor in a production environment.

Accessing the SKUs and pricing is simple. Use this link to view the SKUs and submit a request (only Partners with a valid MPN ID are eligible). Once the request is approved, you will receive a link to purchase your desired SKUs directly.

The Partner Sandbox license gives users access to a full production environment + 3 sandbox environments. Regarding storate capacity, a Partner Sandbox environment has default 80 GB
capacity (capacity will not increase accordingly to users).

The Partner Premium sandbox license includes all the BC premium features (Essential features + Manufacturing and Service Management).

Having real partner’s environments at a low cost for testing and doing demos was a top request from the partner’s ecosystem and now they’re here at your fingertips. Just request it and you will be ready to go.

Please note that these are real environments under the hoods, so all features are supported (and also support too). Start using them…


  1. Does partner tenant provide production environment or not? At one place you mentioned not and at bottom 1 production and 3 sandbox environments.


      1. Can I use this for running my Microsoft practice ?
        With Dynamics Ce for partner ending, I reseach solutions for continuity.


  2. We have assigned the 5 licences, but we don’t know how to access that environment. If we go to our BC we can’t create more environments, and we don’t know how to access to this new environment….
    Where can we see the link to the new environment?


  3. This environtment has retrictions to installa extensions from the marketplace? The list show empty.


  4. Have figured out if the user accounts with those licenses can be treated like team members? I figure you should pay for a team member license if you exclusively want to test/demo that scenario


  5. Still don’t know ho to access to this new environment… 😦 msoft support didn’t know what i was talking about…..


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