Secure life in a Dynamics 365 Business Central tenant

Dynamics 365 Business Central has moved the ERP (core part of every corporate business) to the cloud and this was a huge step for many companies.

A SaaS ERP simplifies lots of administrative tasks (environment creation, backup/restore, platform updates, management, and more) but also opens an important (and sometimes under-evaluated) topic: security.

The world of business applications has changed a lot in the last few years. Before the cloud adoption, users of an ERP application were quite only the internal employees of a company, while now users can be employees but also external users like partners or customers.

The devices are changed: before the cloud, the access of the ERP application was only from corporate devices, while now you can have different types of devices (like tablets or smartphones) that connect from an outside network. And remote working has absolutely increased these types of access.

Are you ready to handle the security of your Dynamics 365 Business Central tenant at best?

In this article written for Simplanova website, I want to emphasize some of the core security-related topics that you should be careful of.

Some principles to understand the importance of security in your applications are:

  • Assume that you’re in a world where everyone could attack you
  • Verify your security adoption frequently
  • Use least privilege access

The article explains some security tips to adopt and also some new security features related to Dynamics 365 Business Central and Azure AD implementation.

Hoping that some of these tips could be useful to improve the security of your life in the cloud world…

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