Azure DevOps Explained

About this book

Developing applications for the cloud involves changing development methodologies and procedures. Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes are a must today, but are often difficult to implement and adopt. Azure DevOps is Microsoft Azure’s cloud service which enhances your application development life cycle and enables DevOps capabilities.

Starting with a comprehensive product overview, this book helps you to understand Azure DevOps and apply DevOps techniques to your development projects. You’ll find out how to adopt DevOps techniques for your development processes by using inbuilt Azure DevOps tools. Through the course of this book, you’ll also discover how to manage a project with the help of project management techniques such as Agile or Scrum, and then progress toward development aspects such as source code management, build pipelines, code testing and artifacts, release pipelines, and GitHub integration. While you learn to implement DevOps practices, this book will also provide you with real-world examples and scenarios of DevOps adoption.

By the end of this DevOps book, you will have learned how to adopt and implement Azure DevOps features in your real-world development processes.

Who this book is for?

This book is for solution developers/architects and project managers that want to apply DevOps techniques to their projects and that want to use Azure DevOps for managing the entire process for developing applications with quality.

What this book covers?

Chapter 1, Azure DevOps Overview, gives a full overview of the Azure DevOps features and toolsets like Boards, Repos, Pipelines, Test Plans, Artifacts.

Chapter 2, Managing projects with Azure DevOps Boards, explains the project management features of Azure DevOps in details and shows how you can use boards, work items, how you can create sprints and manage backlogs and track all your activities.

Chapter 3, Source Code Management with Azure DevOps, explains how you can handle source control with the Azure DevOps Repos feature and GIT. It shows you how you can create repositories, how you can handle commits, push, pulls, how you can handle branches, how you can handle pull requests and more.

Chapter 4, Understanding Azure DevOps Build pipelines, shows you how you can create a build pipeline for your code with Azure Pipelines and how you can handle continuous integration at best.

Chapter 5, Running quality tests in a Build pipeline, explains how you can create and execute quality tests for your code in a build pipeline.

Chapter 6, Hosting your own build agent in Azure Pipelines, shows you how you can create your own build agents and use them in a build pipeline.

Chapter 7, Using Artifacts with Azure DevOps, explains how you can use artifacts (package feeds) for creating and sharing packages and adding fully integrated package management to your continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines.

Chapter 8, Deploying applications with Azure DevOps, explains how you can use Release pipelines for handling continuous deployment of your code and how you can use stages and approvals before releasing a code into a production environment.

Chapter 9, Integrating Azure DevOps with GitHub, shows you how you can integrate Azure DevOps tools with GitHub and use both applications for your CI/CD processes.

Chapter 10, Using Test Plans with Azure DevOps, shows you how to manage your project’s testing lifecycle with Test Plans in Azure DevOps.

Chapter 11, Real world CI/CD scenarios with Azure DevOps, shows you some real world scenarios with applications of CI/CD processes handled with Azure DevOps.