Dynamics 365 Business Central: how to create an online sandbox based on W1

I’m receiving a lot of time the same question: “how can I create an online sandbox with W1 version?” so I think that a quick post could help someone in the future with the same problem.

As I think you know, when you create a new SaaS environment from the Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin Center, you can select the type of the environment (Production or Sandbox) and you can select the localization (from the Country dropdown). But when you select the country, there’s no W1 listed here:

Does that mean that I cannot create a W1 online sandbox? NO.

The Country dropdown box listed all the countries where Dynamics 365 Business Central is available (complete list available here). W1 is not a country, W1 is instead a specific technical “distribution” and this is the reason why you cannot find it on the list.

To create an online sandbox based on W1, you need to select one of the countries which are based on W1. A list of the countries that are based on W1 can be extracted directly from the BCContainerHelper Powershell module. If you check its Github repo for the latest source, you can see the following list of countries based on W1:

“ae” = “w1”
“br” = “w1”
“bd” = “w1”
“co” = “w1”
“dz” = “w1”
“ee” = “w1”
“eg” = “w1”
“gr” = “w1”
“hk” = “w1”
“hr” = “w1”
“hu” = “w1”
“id” = “w1”
“ie” = “w1”
“jp” = “w1”
“ke” = “w1”
“kr” = “w1”
“lb” = “w1”
“lk” = “w1”
“lt” = “w1”
“lu” = “w1”
“lv” = “w1”
“ma” = “w1”
“mm” = “w1”
“mt” = “w1”
“my” = “w1”
“ng” = “w1”
“pe” = “w1”
“ph” = “w1”
“pl” = “w1”
“qa” = “w1”
“rs” = “w1”
“ro” = “w1”
“sa” = “w1”
“sg” = “w1”
“si” = “w1”
“th” = “w1”
“tn” = “w1”
“tw” = “w1”
“vn” = “w1”
“za” = “w1”

What does that mean? Simply, just to select one of the listed countries (for example Greece) and you have an online sandbox environment based on W1.

Hoping it’s more clear now the “W1 mistery”… 🙂

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