Dynamics 365 Business Central: new option to enable/disable the “save as you type” feature.

The “save as you type” feature in Dynamics 365 Business Central is like a black cloud over your head… if you start forgotting it, than something happens 🙂

Dynamics 365 Business Central 21.1 on-premise introduces a new behaviour of the setting in the web client’s navsettings.json file called SaveValueToDatabasePromptly. This setting was introduced in V20 and disabled by default, thennit was enabled by default on v21.0.

The setting now permits you to enable/disable the “save as you type” web client feature so much discussed in the past. Set it to TRUE and the web client will save a value to the database on every field modification. The feature is actually disabled by default. Nice to have this, isn’t it?

Yes… but… there’s a but 🙂

If you check the Feature Management page, you’ve also here the possibility to enable/disable the “save as you type” feature:

So, question is: who has the main priority between these 2 options? What happens if these 2 options have different values?

Having these two options available can cause confusion, so please remember that the “save as you type” feature is turned on by either the navsettings.json or the Feature Management switch is set to ON. This means that if one (or any) of these switches is set to on (true), the new “save as you type” behavior is activated.

Not friendly, but that is… please take a note about this.

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