The new life with an app-based ERP

Some days ago I wrote an article for Simplanova website for summarizing the biggest technical changes that every partner should start thinking and managing in order to be able to work efficiently with the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

This is my personal opinion but I hope it will be a good starting point for everyone in order to start thinking on how to change its internal development processes.

The new platform in a big revolution, it breakes the old monolithic codebase and it introduces a lot of new technical tasks and technical complexity that a Dynamics ERP partner must be aware of and ready to handle:

Now, you cannot only think on translate your business case into code (tipical NAV scenario), but nowadays when starting a new implementation every partner should start thinking on:

  • Refactoring and rearchitecturing their solutions in order to be on top of the standard Microsoft’s app (and to be SaaS compliant)
  • Handle dependency chain problems
  • Handle solution’s extensibility
  • Handle source control management and CI/CD processes
  • Handle monitoring of their apps
  • Renewing their product development strategy

Read the article here and feel free to share your thoughts…

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