“Mastering Dynamics 365 Business Central” is out!

Just in time for Christmas, I’m very happy and proud to announce that the book “Mastering Dynamics 365 Business Central” is finally out and available on Packt website and on Amazon in all the two formats (eBook and printed copy).

This was a very huge work (my biggest writing work ever), we’ve spent a lot of time on writing this book for the Dynamics 365 Business Central community and I hope it will be helpful for everyone of you. The book has about 770 pages full of technical contents grouped into the following 18 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central technical overview
  • Chapter 2: Mastering the Model Development Environment
  • Chapter 3: Online and container-based sandboxes
  • Chapter 4: Extension’s development foundamentals
  • Chapter 5: Developing a customized solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Chapter 6: Advanced AL development
  • Chapter 7: Report development with AL
  • Chapter 8: Installing and Upgrading extensions
  • Chapter 9: Debugging
  • Chapter 10: Automated Test Development with AL
  • Chapter 11: Source Control Management and DevOps with Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Chapter 12: Dynamics 365 Business Central APIs
  • Chapter 13: Serverless business processes with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Azure
  • Chapter 14: Monitoring, scaling and CI/CD with Azure Functions
  • Chapter 15: Dynamics 365 Business Central and integrations with the Power Platform
  • Chapter 16: Integrating Machine Learning into Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Chapter 17: Moving existing ISV solutions to the new extension’s model
  • Chapter 18: Useful and proficient tools for AL developers

This book is totally based on the new AL-only Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. Go and grab it!

For reaching the goal of this project, I’ve to thank a lot of people. The absolute number 1 to thank is my “brother in arms” Duilio Tacconi from Microsoft. I’m extremely proud that you accepted to work with me on this project after the “Dynamics 365 Business Central Development Quick Start Guide“, this book cannot be here without you. Thanks a lot, you’re an hero!

Then, I have to thank a list of great people and experts that have accepted to contribute on the content of this book. I mention them in pure alphabetical order here:

  • Tobias Fenster
  • Dmitry Katson
  • Douglas Romão
  • Kamil Sáček (Kine)
  • Luc van Vugt
  • Eric Wauters (Waldo)

Guys, you cannot imagine how precious you was on reaching the goal of this book. Thanks a lot for your effort and to be part of this project. I hope to be able to thank everyone of you in person soon.

Lots of thank also to the entire Packt team that has worked with us during this year for having this book published. I know that we’ve fight a lot, but you all was helpful and professional. Thanks Tiksha, Alok, Ketan.

Now I can officially considered myself on holiday for some days… 😉


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