Planned activities for Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners in 2020: quick preview

I’ve received (and I’m receiving too) a lot of emails and messages on social networks from many of you asking for news about the future activites that Microsoft Italy has planned for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners during 2020, so I hope that a quick public post can help you on planning your future 🙂

I cannot go too much in details for now (Microsoft Italy has a great staff that manages these things directly), but there are a lot of things that are waiting for you in this upcoming 2020. Here’s a quick list:

  • We’ll continue the development training for partners. The Dynamics 365 Business Central Advanced Development Workshop that I’ve managed during this year will continue in the next year. We had a huge amount of requests for this training and also a big queue of partners that are waiting for a seat. From February 2020 you can bookmark your place and we’ll meet you in person at Microsoft House.
  • We’ll have some technical “one day events” planned for the Academyadi 2020 initiative. Dates will be announced by Microsoft soon, but expect Dynamics 365 Business Central events on at least two topics:
    • DevOps for Dynamics 365 Business Central
    • Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Power Platform
  • At the end of January (31) we’ll have Dynamics 365 Friday day, where I’ll manage some Dynamics 365 Business Central sessions (technical topics to be defined, suggestions and requests are welcome).
  • Other “one day events” will be planned, but no news to share at the moment.

Some of these activities will be probably extended to other countries managed by Microsoft Western Europe, so expect to see me in a Microsoft headquarter near you next year 😉 Plans are to share on other countries the Advanced Development Training and also a DevOps event for helping partners on improving their development lifecycle.

Personally, I would like to push more this last topic during the next year, I would like helping partners on modernizing their development process because on the last year I saw that there are lots of lack on this. Something is boiling, so, stay tuned…

Ops, I forgot an important thing: all these events are for Microsoft Partners and they’re totally free! That’s a big opportunity that Microsoft is offering to you.

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