Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the problems with the ApplicationArea tag

Some users have reported that in the actual online release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central there are some standard pages that seems not to work correctly or where fields are missing and standard work can’t be done.

One example reported in these days is Purchasing Codes page. Search for this page in Dynamics 365 Business Central:


and click on the provided link. The Purchasing Codes page opens like this:


If you click on New, nothing happens. The normal behaviour should be like on my sandbox:


It seems a broken page, but it’s not so.

The problem here is that the Purchasing Codes page (ID 5727) is marked with the ApplicationArea property = Advanced, as you can see in the object itself:


Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with an “Essentials” and a “Premium” experience and Microsoft has included features in these experiences by assigning an application area tag. This is one of the pages in the actual Dynamics 365 Business Central that is natively tagged incorrectly.

I’ve reported the “bug” to Microsoft and they’ve immediately answered that this will be soon fixed in a next update (transparent for you).

But what can you do in the meanwhile? You could create a page extension where you “overwrite” the ApplicationArea property (for example setting it to All) and this should work.

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