Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Client: “hack” to work offline

An interesting question was posted some days ago by a user: how to “hack” the NAV Web Client in order to completely work without internet connection.

In the previous NAV versions, you could do this “hack” by manually modifying some resource files (don’t to this! It’s unsupported!). Things are a bit changed with NAV 2018, and I think in a better way.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and earlier, the configuration file is a .config type file called web.config under the web client folder (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<NAVInstance>\WebClient).

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, because the web server instances run on .NET Core, the configuration file for the web server instances is a .json file type called navsettings.json.  The settings in this JSON file are documented at this link.

I’ve discovered that there’s an undocumented option in navsettings.json, called LoadScriptsFromCdn. This is set to TRUE as default.


If you change this setting to FALSE, the JQuery scripts (used by the web client) are not downloaded from the Microsoft AJAX CDN but the local copies are used.

This is the default:


And this is what happens after setting LoadScriptsFromCdn to FALSE:


P.S. Thanks to Yukon for investigating with me.


  1. This is very intersting 🙂
    But the MS Docs is saying that this feature is deprecated “DISCONTINUED AFTER: Business Central Spring 2019”. Is this still possible and how?


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