Get GDPR compliant with Dynamics NAV Whitepaper

Microsoft has promised many months ago the release of a whitepaper regarding NAV and GDPR regulations. Today they finally release what I hope will be a first step on this topic: the have prepared a Dynamics NAV whitepaper that will help you prepare for GDPR compliance. Get it here.

What we officially know now is that “By May 2018, Dynamics NAV 2018, Dynamics NAV 2017, Dynamics NAV 2016, and Dynamics NAV 2015 will be updated with tools to help you get GDPR compliant. The March cumulative updates have just been made available and provide the first round of updates for you.“. Personally, I hope on new features at least for:

  • Managing personal data with NAV
  • Searching for personal data in all the NAV database
  • Functions for exporting personal data from the entire database and for deleting personal data from the entire database if a request is received about this
  • Functions for crypting sensitive data
  • Functions for managing access logs in a GDPR-compliant way

We’ll see what happens, but keep always in mind that GDPR is not only an IT-related topic: be GDPR-compliant involves a big redesign also on your internal business processes and on your organization.

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