Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power Automate connector: be aware of this strange issue

When working with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power Automate, somethimes (fortunately not too often) the Business Central connector can make you crazy 🙂

Randomly it could happen that when you add an action from the Business Central connector, the selected action doesn’t show you the right inputs but instead it shows you a generic “Raw inputs” field:

What do you have to do here? Why I don’t have my right input fields?

This happens because the majority of the Power Automate actions in the Business Central connector have dynamic inputs. This means that the same action can have different inputs accordingly to the context. As an example, if you select the Create Record (V3) action, the input fields that this action presents to you are different if you want to create for example a Customer record and a Sales Invoice record.

Here are the input field requested if you select Customers:

and here the input fields requested if you select Sales Invoices:

To handle dynamic inputs, when you insert a Business Central connector action in your flow, Power Automate calls Business Central in order to receive the right fields to show in the action card. It could happen that sometimes this “call” fails for unknown reasons and if this happen you don’t have the fields listed in the action card but instead you only have a generic “Raw Inputs” field.

When this happen (I’ve to admit that it’s quite rare now) you only need to remove the action from the flow designer and then add it again. In this way Power Automate is forced to reload the metadata of the action context and the issue is fixed (you will have all the right fields in the page).

Hoping this note could help someone not to go crazy… 🙂

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