Dynamics 365 Business Central: changing the way of sending tenant-level notifications

For some years now, Microsoft have communicated Dynamics 365 Business Central service health status and service incidents through the Microsoft 365 Service Health dashboard. Separately, they have sent email notifications about environment upgrades and compatibility of per-tenant extensions with upcoming updates to notification recipients that are defined in the Business Central administration center.

Until today, all tenant-level notifications for Dynamics 365 Business Central tenants are sent to all email addresses that are listed in the Notification recipients list of the Business Central administration center page.

Starting from June 2022, Microsoft will start moving this type of notifications to the Microsoft 365 Message center. For a while, notifications will be sent both from the Microsoft 365 Message center and the Business Central administration center. In August 2022, Microsoft expects to remove the Notification recipients list from the Business Central administration center, and that will mean that you will no longer receive those notification emails.

Why this?

  • To align the Dynamics 365 Business Central primary communication channel with that of other Microsoft products.
  • To give you more flexibility in how you want to receive, view, and react to communications, both as an internal admin and as a delegated admin.

What does that mean?

That you should start using Microsoft 365 Message center now for your notifications in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

To do that, connect to Microsoft 365 Admin Center and select Health|Message center:

In the Message center window, click on Preferences and select Email:

Your tenant’s primary email address is listed and automatically selected. To other new notifications email addresses, click on Other e-mail addresses and enter up to two email addresses, separated by a semicolon. You can also specify the emails you want to receive (also not related to Dynamics 365 Business Central only):

Now save the changes and you’re ready to go.

NOTE: at the time of writing this post, there’s no an automatic transition of email addresses from Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin Center to Microsoft 365 Message center.

NOTE 2: when requesting GDAP relationship with your customer, you can request the Message Center Reader role in order to have the permissions to monitor notifications in Message Center.


  1. Hi Stefano,

    Looking at the functionality of the message center, I see that ‘preferences’ button is not available for us as a partner in the customer tenant when logged in as a delegated user.

    Does this mean that the partner cannot setup e-mail notifications about BC in the customer tenant? This is currently possibly by adding a partner e-mail address in the admin center.

    Is there perhaps another way the partner can receive the notifications regarding the upgrades in the customer tenant?

    Kind regards,


    1. Yes, at the moment only an admin can set up the message center. The customer admin needs to add you as an authorized receiver of certain notifications.


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