Dynamics 365 Business Central: embedded pages in Teams coming soon.

At Directions NA, Microsoft announced that Dynamics 365 Business Central will soon support the possibility to embed pages inside Teams and every Teams user will be able to access the ERP informations from Teams in read-only mode for free.

No more Team Member licenses? False!

Is this integration a surprise? Maybe not too much 😉 Satya Nadella announced at Inspire 2021 that in a near future all Dynamics 365 data will be available on Teams at no cost, so now it’s the ERP turn (and we’re all happy for this vision).

Trying to answer some questions here (more news will be available later). Team Member licenses will always needed if you want to have users able to access (log-in) to Business Central. Users from Teams will be able to access for free only the embedded pages, but (as you can imagine) this require to check the BC entities from the Teams client.

What’s there under this possibility?

As previously announced for Dynamics 365, Microsoft is entitling all paid Microsoft Teams users with Team Members level access to Dynamics 365 allowing Teams users to read Dynamics 365 data and action upon designated scenarios. These new connected experiences between Dynamics 365 and Teams will make it easier for Teams users to access Dynamics 365 records but only from within Microsoft Teams.

So, can I only read data from Teams? No modifications? Short answer: NO.

You will have two types of page integrations between Business Central and Teams:

  • Share a page to Teams: read-only mode, free for all (no BC license needed)
  • Add/pin a BC page as a Teams tab: this supports CRUD operations and it requires a BC license.

Microsoft Teams is a core platform for Microsoft now and the center of the modern workplace idea. There’s a great future for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 Business Central with Teams, so stay tuned and be prepared for more.

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