Dynamics 365 Business Central: PTE + SyncMode problem and troubleshooting

I think that you know that Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 Wave 2 (version 19) introduced the possibility to do a forcing of the schema syncronization mode directly from the Extension Management page when uploading a new per-tenant extension. With this new option, it’s now possible to force any destructive table schema changes and circumvent the usual error when such changes are detected.

But there’s a problem đŸ™‚

To directly explain the problem, I have created an extension that defines the following table:

This extension is on version and it’s deployed as a per-tenant extension (PTE scope) on my SaaS sandbox environment. All good.

Now imagine that I want to remove the Active field from the above table, because on reviewing my code design I decide that it’s not needed (I’m in a development stage now, so I can do that).

For doing that, I create a new version of my extension where I remove the Active field from the table definition (breaking change!) and I deploy the new PTE version on my online sandbox as follows, because I’m distracted:

This is the standard deployment way, where Schema Sync Mode is default setted as Add (so no breaking change admitted). What happens to my deployment? An epic fail, obviously:

The PTE deployment fails because a breaking change is detected (Active field is removed from the previous version).

Oh what a careless… I should use Schema Sync Mode = Force in order to do a breaking change. Let’s do that:

I select the same app file (version previously failed) and now I redeploy it with force. Result? This:

Again, the deployment is failed for a breaking schema change, also with the Force schema setting! :O

This is not what I was expecting…

In this case, my Schema Sync Mode = Force is ignored and the system is using the Add option again (so, no breaking changes possible).

In general, please remember that Microsoft is working on a “fix” for this strange behaviour. If you are in this situation, what you should always do is to create a new extension version (also if the previous upload with Schema Sync Mode = Add is failed) and then do the force sync with this new app version.

In the above example, just create a new version of the app (with the Active field removed) and then upload it with Schema Sync Mode = Force:


The app is now successfully updated and the Active field is removed from the table.

Hoping this will help you on avoiding headaches on trying to understand WHY this noise… đŸ˜‰

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