Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 Wave 2 (version 19): what to expect

Today Microsoft has officially shared the 2021 Wave 2 Release plans for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Here are the links to the external release plans:

What to expect for Dynamics 365 Business Central? We can finally share the exciting news…

Dynamics 365 Business Central focuses on the application enhancements that expand the integration with Microsoft 365, adds country and regional expansions in 10 more markets, and adds capabilities that simplify tenant administration.

My personal hottest features for the v19 release are the following:

  • Couple records between Business Central and Dataverse (and apps for Dataverse) in bulk + Dataverse integration improvements
  • Possibility for delegated admins to create job queue entries and set them as ready to run
  • Possibility for partners to preload a list of apps into the customer’s system to help the customer choose apps that are relevant for their business, industry, and growth. By proxy of the partner, customers can safely install apps that have been preselected for them
  • Force sync of customer-specific extensions in online environments: it will be possible (under partner’s responsibility) to deploy per-tenant extensions (PTEs) with force schema sync mode, which will allow destructive changes to the table schema in the new extension version
  • Profiling AL performance with Snapshot Debugger: Snapshot captures now include a performance profile of the executed code that is captured in the snapshot. Using a new performance profiling editor view in the AL Visual Studio Code extension, developers can then investigate the time spent on execution, either using top down and bottom-up call stack views, or flame graphs
  • Integrations that consume data from Business Central via OData will be able to specify a read-only intent to use the read-only database replica
  • New automation API to create user groups
  • Share a record link to Microsoft Teams: The Business Central web client will include a new action to share to Microsoft Teams. This action allows users to type a message, choose recipients such as team members, groups or channels, and send their message with a link to the Business Central record
  • AL API for sharing files in Microsoft 365: AL developers will be able to implement sharing of their reports or other files using standard Microsoft 365 capabilities for cloud-based file sharing. For example, this could be used to build an experience where users share a custom financial report over email.
  • Possibility to use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) groups to grant access to environments (you can associate an Azure AD group with an environment. Members of that Azure AD group will be synchronized to Business Central and granted access to that environment)
  • Copying environments of different types: support for copying the environments within and across different environment types (Production to Production, Sandbox to Sandbox, Sandbox to Production)
  • Various Operation Log enhancements
  • Possibility to restart an environment in the Business Central Admin Center for troubleshooting and to resume its normal operation.

But that’s not all and there are other features also on the Application side, so please check the above link and enjoy 🙂

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