Dynamics 365 Business Central: are your AppSource apps ready for 2021 Wave 1 release?

As I think you already know, with Dynamics 365 Business Central 2019 release wave 2 (version 15) Microsoft has marked a set of different things as obsolete (ObsoleteState = Pending) and with the upcoming Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 release Wave 1 (version 18) these obsoleted things will be removed. This process can have impact on your apps if you’ve not yet fixed the related warnings in your code of if you’ve not yet tested your app with the next major release.

To ckeck if your app (published on AppSource) is ready for the upcoming 2021 Wave 1 release (v18) Microsoft has prepared a link for a quick check. With this post I want to emphasize to perform these tasks, so here a quick recap.

You can check whether your app or any of your dependencies are listed as NOT READY FOR 2021 RELEASE WAVE 1 by using this URL:


where YOURAPPID is the ID of your app to test.

If the result of this test is something like:

We did not find any problems with the extension, but please run all tests and validate your app for next major.

then your app is ready for the next v18 release, otherwise you should immediately start fixing the problems.

Please also remember that AppSource validation now has two important rules:

  • Until March 1st, if you have an app that is not compatible with v18 Microsoft will contact you and they will request you to submit a compatible version for next major. The validation of the current submission will not fail.
  • From March 1st, if you have apps that are not compatible with Business Central 2021 release wave 1, validation will fail.

From March 1, Microsoft will start sending you notifications also if you have per-tenant extensions that are actually not compatible with v18, so please check your Notification settings in the tenant’s Admin Center.

The suggestion is always the same: run your own validation with Run-AlValidation with the current release but also with the next major release (Run-AlValidation -validateNextMajor -sastoken $sastoken). This will help you on identifying problems and speeding up the validation of your apps on AppSource.


  1. Hello Stefano,
    “Good News”. One question. The link you’ve added for testing if the app is ready, I understand that only works with apps in the appSource, am I right?

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