Tips for handling a Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS tenant at best

Handling a Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS tenant in a cloud environment is not exactly like handling it on an on-premise installation. A SaaS tenant is fully managed by Microsoft under the hood, so you don’t care about infrastructure and all the cloud stuff that need to be provisioned for having an environment ready, secure, and always updated. But for having a customer happy in the cloud and for having a SaaS tenant that works well in a fully SaaS way, you also (as a partner) need to act and work accordingly.

In this article written for Simplanova, I want to give you 15 personal tips that you should check (and adopt when possible) for providing a great SaaS tenant experience and service to your Dynamics 365 Business Central customers in the cloud. I’ve divided these tips into the following categories:

  • Environment
  • Performance
  • Coding & deployment
  • Automation

If interested, go to Simplanova’s website and read it.

I’ve also done a webcast for Microsoft about this topic, you can access the streamlined version here (requires registration).

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