AL language and the “missing documentation” warning

Yesterday evening I’ve received a message from a user asking me if something has changed in the AL language extension. When he loaded an AL project in Visual Studio Code, he started receiving tons of information messages like “The procedure XXX missing documentation“:

Is really something changed in the AL language extension? Maybe something related to the announced plans for XML code comments?

No… nothing related about it. What causes this “issue” is a new update of the AL XML Documentation extension. If you have previously installed this extension or if you’re using my extension’s pack for Dynamics 365 Business Central (where this extension is one of the default installed toolset), after the update you start receiving this “warning” (although it’s not a warning but a simple information message).

You can simply disable it by going to the AL XML Documentation extension’s settings and uncheck the following option:

Or if you prefer the JSON file directly, set as follows:

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