Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1: FAQ about updating apps for v16

I’m receiving a lot of questions from partners about what they will have to do for their existing apps in order to be ready for Dynamics 365 Business Central version 16. I’ve summarized here the Q&A:

  • Does Dynamics 365 Business Central introduces breaking changes to my existing apps? It depends. Dynamics 365 Business Central version 16 has no major breaking changes like version 15 but you should test on a sandbox if your existing app is 100% compatible with version 16. This is a process that you’ve ALWAYS to perform (it’s a vital part of your continuous upgrade process). As an example, 90% of my existing apps was fully compatible with v16 while on 2 apps I had the needs to fix some small errors.
  • What should I do to check if my app is ready for version 16? You need to test your app with version 16. This can be done by spinning up a new online sandbox with the version 16 preview or (better) by using a Docker container with the v16 image. A CI/CD process can help you on speeding these tasks.
  • While testing my app for version 16, I’m receiving a lot of warnings. Should I immediately fix them before submitting a new version to AppSource? No. Warnings alerts you that in the future something will change, but you’re not forced to immediately change your code before submitting.
  • I’ve read your post about the new Sales Price implementation. Should I immediately change my app? The new implementation is based on Interfaces and (as default) it works like in the v15 version. Existing price rules will work and Sales Price table is again available (but deprecated in favour of the new Price List Line table). You need to adapt your price logic to the new implementation for version 18.
  • Can I start submitting apps for version 16 to AppSource? Yes. You can start submitting apps for version 16 to AppSource right now. If you submit an app for version 16 now, remember to select “next major” as the target platform.
  • If I have an app on AppSource for version 15 and I’m sure that it works also for version 16, am I forced to submit a new version built for version 16? No. If you’ve tested your existing app with v16 and you don’t have breaking changes, you can avoid to submit a new app version to AppSource.


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