Something new about Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1

As I think you know (I’ve posted this on my Linkedin account some days ago) you can now start testing your apps with Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1 release (version 16) by creating a new online sandbox targeting the new preview version.

Together with this new preview version, you have also a new AL language version (actually 5.x). When you start a new project with the new AL language extension, you can now target the platform 5.0 release:

When you create the extension, the app.json file targets now version 16 of the Microsoft’s apps:

and symbols are updated accordingly:

New interesting things to say: Microsoft in version 16.x has start working on replacing Options with Enums. On all my trainings I say to start forgot Option fields and this release is a first step on this road. About 125 new enums are in the platform now. Here you can see the new Sales Header table:

The enum is extendible, so you can now add your own new option values:

Another quite mysterious thing (at least to me now when testing my extensions): Sales Price table is actually deprecated and replaced by a new price calculation module:

What about this new module? Welcome to the new Interfaces in AL:

Are you ready to start testing your extensions for the new platform? 🙂


  1. Is there a way to test this new behaviour with docker containers?
    I am using Visual Studio Code and the AL Language extension but I can´t find the target platform 5.0 and the new version 16 base app packages.
    I would like to develop the extension with the latest changes since I am starting to do it, and I dont want to use tables that re disappearing.


    1. There will no tables that will disappeared, only few market as obsolete in future releases but this means that they will still be live until version 18 (2021). However, to test version 16 with Docker you need to be a partner with Collaborate access.


    1. You can retrieve it from a Docker container created with the insider preview (if you’re authorized to access it). I cannot share the vsix publicly now, sorry.


  2. Unlike options, enum doesn’t allow a default blank value, is this right?. I am able to add blank value when I define enum. But not able to use it. I tried to use blank value for the same enum variable, but was not successful.


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