Dynamics 365 BC Wave 2 Release: What happens now?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 2 release date is just around the corner and there are many aspects of which you should be aware.

I’ve written an article for my Simplanova‘s friends that summarizes some important technical aspects to take care. You can read it at the following link:


Just a quick summary here:

  • AL only: the application is splitted into two main apps called Base Application and System Application.
  • System Application is a modular extension and every module exposes a publicly accessible interface (facade), while the internal implementation of each module is hidden to the outside (public access). Schema is as follows:


  • Microsoft will not break your existing extension. Breaking changes are listed here (things that needs a bit of refactoring). You will find many system objects that will be deprecated in favour of the new patterns. If you have code that uses system objects, you will receive warnings:Wave2_07
  • Starting from Wave 2 release (version 15), you need to refactor your code in order to use the System Application modules:Wave2_08

More details on the Simplanova’s blog post. I recommend to give it a check 😉


  1. You know this is bullshit right? “Microsoft will not break your existing extension”. They just added some functions back because of pressure but so much is left broken. What you are doing here is unfair to the readers and pure MVP Marketing crap…


    1. Mark, this is out of scope here to do marketing, I’m not payed for this. The policy on the system app is to declare things obsolete, not removing things. Personally on all my extensions I’ve not found breaking changes. If you’ve found breaking changes, I’m happy to know.


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