“Mastering Dynamics 365 Business Central” book: please wait a bit more…

We have received in this last month lots of requests about our upcoming “Mastering Dynamics 365 Business Central” book, published by Packt:

The book was planned to be released on the second half of August, but unfortunately due to a change in the management team inside Packt company (unpredictable), our book release date is delayed. I’ve explained this to all the people that contacted me directly, via email or via social networks in this month, but I think it’s much better to write an official post here.

I’m so sorry for this delay because it doesn’t depend by us. We’ve completed the work (and it’s a huge work!), 18 chapters (more than 500 pages, lots of code) full of development related contents with lots of contributions also by other MVPs and Microsoft’s people (we’ll mention all of them later, a special thanks to all for their help on this project).

We’re now working hard with the Packt management team in order to speed up the release process as soon as possible. The goal is to release it in September. In the meanwhile, here is the book’s content:

  1. Overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central platform
  2. Dynamics 365 Business Central sandbox environments to the max
  3. Mastering Modern Development Environment
  4. Extension development fundamentals
  5. Developing a customized solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central
  6. Advanced AL development
  7. Report development with AL
  8. Installing and Upgrading extensions
  9. Debugging extensions
  10. Automated Tests Development with AL
  11. Source Code Management and DevOps with Dynamics 365 Business Central
  12. Dynamics 365 Business Central APIs
  13. Serverless business processes with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Azure
  14. Monitoring, scaling and CI/CD with Azure Functions for Dynamics 365 Business Central
  15. Dynamics 365 Business Central and integration with the Microsoft Power Platform
  16. Dynamics 365 Business Central and Machine Learning
  17. Moving existing ISV solutions to the new extension model
  18. Useful and proficient tools for AL developers

Stay tuned for more news in the next weeks. When we’ll have an official release date, I will be happy to write again an official launch post here.

Thanks to all and again sorry for this delay…


  1. Hi Mr Demiliani.. I’m one of the person eagerly awaiting for your Book. Currently, the Release dates are shifted from Sep 2019 to Jan 2020 in Amazon. Also the same way, postponed in Packtpub also to December ’19. Not sure about the reason.. I’ll still be awaiting for the revised dates. Hoping for the best!


    1. Unfortunately there was a changement inside Packt that shifted the release date of the book (not dependent by us). The book was ready for August and based on the 14.3 release. Now they have shifted the date to November and so we’re thinking to update the contents to the new 15.X release that will be announced on October. If a delay must be done, I think it’s better to wait a month more but having the book updated with changements in the Wave 2 release.

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