Dynamics 365 Business Central: direct extensions upload to a sandbox environment

Do you remember this idea? I’ve suggested it last year because in my opinion one of the noisy things related to Dynamics 365 Business Central sandbox environments was the lack of a direct upload of an .app file (manual deployment of an extension).

I think that this is a need for developers, but also for consultants and customers that want to test an app before making it into production (sharing a PTE app file with your consultants is more easy than instruct them to open Visual Studio Code or Powershell).

As you can see from the above link, the feature is now implemented and released with Dynamics 365 Business Central platform 14.0. I’ve decided to write this quick post because I see that the release of this feature is actually not known for many.

Now, if you go to your sandbox environment and select the Extensions Management page, you can see this action:


This is the same button that you have on a production tenant. You can manually upload a .app file and test it on your sandbox now, without deploying it from Visual Studio Code.

Microsoft is always listening and open to suggestions, remember… 😉


  1. Woooww those are great news!!! Do we know if it available in on-premise instances? Thank you a lot for the information


  2. I mean I only can publish version to sandbox1, then change version number to and publish to sandbox2.
    if I didnot add version number(even source is exactly same), I cannot publish the extension to other sandboxes.
    I packaged extension as app file, failed to upload even I add version number.


  3. Hi,
    We have an extension that we publish on appsource.
    Is it possible to install this extension by using the Upload extension feature on the sandbox instead of uploading it throw the appsource?
    Sometime we need to do some changes on test and we don’t want to go throw the certification process each time.


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