Dynamics 365 Business Central: permissions for downloading symbols

Preface: Credits to this quick post goes to my friend Duilio Tacconi.

Some partners starts using Dynamics 365 Business Central (on cloud or on-premise) by loading company data from NAV installations (manually with tools like Configuration Packages or by using the Intelligent Cloud for automatically create a cloud instance from an on-premise one).

When you’ve finished to setup your new company, you try to connect with Visual Studio Code on your sandbox environment for downloading symbols and often an error pops up: Could Not download symbols.


This happens when there are no permissions at all set in the Users page (Intelligent Cloud does not move users):


and also when you have roles per company like the following (you can have this situation if you move data from NAV installations):


When creating your SUPER user, you do NOT have to specify any company otherwise you will not be able to download any symbol or publish any extension since symbols are stored per tenant and not per company.

If you simply change that with e.g. D365 EXTENSION MGT to be allowed all across company then… THUMB UP:


You are now able to download symbols and publish your app and so forth:


So, to resume:

  1. Be sure you do not have your SUPER permission only per Company, OR
  2. Add D365 EXTENSION MANAGEMENT role to the user WITHOUT specifying any Company

This will work as intended.

NOTE: If you add new permission sets and want to control the access to developing and publishing extensions, you must include indirect read and write permissions to the NavApp table (read – for downloading symbols, write – for publishing the app) in the permission set.

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