Dynamics 365 Business Central: the impact for partners and developers (my article for Simplanova)

As you already know, Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s family is having a big evolution this year. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now the past, while the future is called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Partners (and developers in particular) must be prepared for the change and in my opinion also all the management team of a classical NAV partner should know the change and shift their mind.

I’ve written a new article for Simplanova about this topic and I hope it could be a source of discussions in the upcoming Directions EMEA.


I think that NAV/D365BC is the only software app in the planet that is always seen like a “big TXT” from all also after 20 years 😂

Moving to Extension is a first step to have a new generation software that could be modular and more “object oriented”. Should we rethink our solutions? Yes. Should Microsoft think to help us converting the actual ISV solutions a lot? Maybe but without modifying their future targets.

I read too many times that partners talk about “conversion” from C/AL to AL. If you think only to CONVERT there’s something wrong. We all as partners have our ISV solutions, but as every other software it’s our responsibility to adapt them to a new platform and new rules, not the platform to adapt to us.

We’ll loose something? Maybe, but the Microsoft’s ERP product must evolve without worries because out of the “big TXT box” the world is running fast.

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