Dynamics 365 Business Central Development Quick Start Guide is out!

At the beginning of this year I was preparing the content for the first of a serie of workshops for Microsoft Italy about developing extensions for Dynamics 365 Business Central and during this period I had an idea: why not writing a new book about developing for Dynamics 365 Business Central? Something like a manual that can guide a developer with the essentials from starting a project to releasing an extension.

My project was approved and the activities started immediately. I didn’t want to be alone on this adventure, so why not taking with me a great friend that has shared with me the teaching on all the D365BC workshops for Microsoft Italy? Asked and done: Duilio Tacconi (Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Escalation Engineer at Microsoft EMEA Customer Support and Services) was a player with me on this project!

So, we’re happy to announce to all Dynamics 365 Business Central developers (present and future) that now you’ve the first book (paper and eBook formats) about developing extensions with AL and the new Modern Development Environment: Dynamics 365 Business Central Quick Start Development Guide by Packt Publishing:


A quick summary of the contents you’ll find on this book:

  • Technology overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • All about the new Extension v2 model
  • All about the new Modern Development Environment (customizations, custom snippets, source control etc.) and all about the AL extension
  • All about how to create a sandbox environment (on cloud, Azure-hosted, local-hosted with Docker)
  • How to create an AL extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central from 0 to the final deployment with a real case:
    • new objects
    • extensions of standard objects
    • events (publishing and subscribing)
    • dependencies
    • translations
    • headlines
    • custom reports
    • permissions
    • Cloud vs on-premise extensions
  • Installing and Upgrading extensions
  • Deployment (sandbox and production + details on what happens internally) and debugging with Visual Studio Code
  • Using DotNet and Azure Functions from AL extensions
  • Advanced integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central:
    • How to use APIs
    • Integration with OData and WCF services
    • Integration with SOAP web services
  • Serverless Processing with Dynamics 365 Business Central and other services like Flow, PowerApps, Azure Functions

Me and Duilio have worked hard on this project, we hope you’ll enjoy the contents.

The last news: we’ve worked also for having a great team to support this work. We had the pleasure to have two top players “on board” as technical reviewers of this book. Do you know them?

A personal special thanks to Eric Wauters and Luc Van Vugt for this. You’re better than CR7! 😀 Having you on this project was an honour for us.

The book is available for ordering starting from today on Packt website, on Amazon and on other sources.

Enjoy reading and happy development with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

P.S. If you could help us to share this news on your social channels, we’ll appreciate a lot. Thanks in advance for that.

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