Microsoft Flow and Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central: a quick clarification

In the past days many Microsoft Flow users noted that, when creating a new workflow connected to a Dynamics NAV 2018 entity, some triggers were missing. Yesterday the Microsoft NAV Team has written a post explaining the situation and this post has alarmed many Microsoft Flow users. The question that immediately comes out was: “Can I continue to use my actual workflows or my business processes will be interrupted“?

To help clarifying the situation: existing workflow connected to NAV 2018 will still work and you should be able to create new ones if you have an active workflow in place.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users now have a lot of pre-built workflows to use. Just connect to Microsoft Flow and search for “Business Central”:


You can setup your workflows with few steps, no need to use connectors or other things like that (all is in the cloud now):


If you start creating a new workflow from a blank template, these are the triggers actually available for Dynamics 365 Business Central:


As you can see, there are no triggers like “When a record is created” or “When a record is modified” and so on. These triggers are actually hidden (they works if you’ve a previous workflow in place).

Regarding action, these are the actions actually available:


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