Yes… I’m a Microsoft MVP

April, 2 2018. This was a great day for me!

After a day spent with my family in our wonderful Maggiore lake (north of Italy), in a moment of relax I’ve taken my phone for checking the emails and for a moment I was shocked: I’ve received an email from Microsoft that awards me with the title of Most Valuable Professional for Business Solutions.


I’m very happy for this title. For me it’s an honor and I promise that I’ll give always more energy in the future for closely working with Microsoft.

I’ve not immediately shared this news because I want to realize it with the best wine bottle I had at home. 😉

Today I want to thanks here all the people that have done my name for this award in the past. I don’t know all of you but you make me happy! Thanks a lot. Thanks to Microsoft Italy for all the opportunities and collaborations we had during this year and that we’ll have in the upcoming months. And thanks also to our Community Manager that belongs on me… yes, I’m an MVP!

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