New book: Building ERP solutions with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Today is THE DATE!

After 9 months of work, we’re ready to go: my new book Building ERP solutions with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (published by Packt Publishing) it’s officially available (eBook and printed version).

This book covers advanced topics related to implementing real world solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and external applications. Scope of this book is to describe in a practical way how to extend a Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation to the enterprise world. You will learn how an enterprise distributed architecture with NAV at the core could be implemented to satisfy practical needs and case studies.

The book is based on real world cases for every topic and every industry (sales, retail, manufacturing). Every chapter will guide you in step by step manner on how to efficiently solve a real world technical problem that you can frequently have on an NAV implementation. By the end of the book, developers will have the knowledge on how to efficiently solve certain scenarios and how could be the best architecture to propose to a customer.

This book is NOT a C/AL language programming guide. If this is your scope, on Packt Publishing website you can find many other great books strictly related to this topic. This book is for solution’s architects and advanced NAV developers. Here you will find:

  • All about how to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV web services in an advanced way
  • All about modern Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration with external applications
  • All about how to implement enterprise distributed solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV as “the ERP”
  • How to use Microsoft Azure cloud services for implementing scalable Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions

Every chapter covers a real business scenario and we’ll go from the solution’s design to the final implementation in a step-by-step manner. All will be “practical” and easy to follow.

This is the official outline:

Chapter 1: Introducing Microsoft Dynamics NAV architectures
Chapter 2: Configuring NAV Web Services
Chapter 3: Creating an application using NAV Web Services
Chapter 4: Using NAV web services with Power BI
Chapter 5: Integrating NAV Web Services and External Applications
Chapter 6: Extending NAV pages with Control Addins
Chapter 7: Programming Universal Windows Apps with NAV and devices
Chapter 8: Exploring Microsoft Azure and its services
Chapter 9: Working with Azure App Service and NAV
Chapter 10: Implementing a message based architecture with Azure Service Bus and NAV


Basic knowledge of C/AL language, basic knowledge of C# language. All the other concepts will be explained in the book. We’ll go in-depth also regarding the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and its services.

Writing a technological book is not an easy task. For reaching this goal, I want to mention all the great Packt Publishing staff that has worked with me in these months. A special thanks also for my friend Duilio Tacconi (Microsoft) for his collabouration in this project as a reviewer. Thanks to all guys!

This book is dedicated to a special girl… 🙂


You can find the book starting from today on the official Packt Publishing website or directly on Amazon website. Have a nice reading!


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