An idea/suggestion: NAV Windows Client via Azure RemoteApp

This is an idea that’s rolling on my mind from a lot of time… Why Microsoft not provides a deploy of the NAV Windows Client via Azure RemoteApp?

Azure RemoteApp is a wonderful service provided by the Azure platform that permits you to run Windows applications “as a service” and permits to access the published app anywhere and on any platform.

In these days for example I’ve played with RemoteApp and IE11 (Microsoft has published it on Azure) and I was able to run IE11 on my MacBook exactly as I was on my Windows machine.

Having the NAV Windows Client published as a RemoteApp on Azure will permit everyone to have a “cross platform” NAV desktop client. You could for example turn on your Mac, join the RemoteApp session, start the NAV Windows client and run it on Mac OS exactly like on Windows.

Sounds interesting? For me a lot…

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