Microsoft Dynamics NAV 201X: my desiderata…

NAV 2016 was launched 5 days ago and it’s really an exciting release. Microsoft has lots and lots of plans on NAV (in the past days we had the pleasure to talk about that with the Dev Team) and you could be sure that in the next years you will see a really more powerful platform.

So, why not writing a brief note about my desiderata for NAV 201X? Maybe someone of the NAV Team a day will listen to me… 🙂

This is what I would like to see in a next release (not too much long in time please):

  • C/AL editor and Object Designer integrated into Visual Studio.
  • Dynamic object creation in code, exactly like create a class in C#
  • Overload of functions in C/AL: I want the possibility to write 2 functions with the same name but different parameters.
  • New C/AL functions that can be launched in async mode
  • A real multitasking Windows Client: I want to have a long running process in progress (like a ProcessingOnly report) and then continue to do other things on NAV without problems.
  • Offline capabilities on the phone and tablet client
  • Native Source control

Will it be possible? 🙂

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