Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Advanced ApplicationArea

A quick post to try making clarification about a topic that I see every day is quite confusing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is not yet exposing all the controls that you’re used to have from Microsoft Dynamics NAV pages. These fields are not missing on the database tables and this is not a bug from Microsoft.

In D365BC, many controls on pages are tagged with the #Advanced application area, which is currently not assigned to any experience:


If you want, you can assign the #Advanced application area to an experience by using an extension, but be careful: in this case you will loose any simplifications made for the standard Dynamics 365 Business Central version (you could see more actions and fields on a standard page).

To enable the #Advanced application area, you can create an extension for D365BC where you subscribe the OnGetEssentialExperienceAppAreas or the OnGetPremiumExperienceAppAreas events. If you have defined your own experience you must subscribe to OnSetExperienceTier.

The experiences are additive so you only need to subscribe to one of the events. For example, to enable Essentials and Premium experiences you only need to subscribe to OnGetEssentialExperienceAppAreas.


Most of the #Advanced controls will be exposed in a coming update, probably Summer 2018.


  1. Good post, but how do I subscribe to this event ?
    For example, I want the advanced experience from the Post code list page ?


    1. I am sorry, I did not explain myself well. I meant to say “How is your Subscriber” codeunit called.
      Which publisher Codeunit is calling it ?


  2. This is not per page. This is for the entire application. Just create a codeunit as described. For a single field in a page, you should create a pageextension and modify that field property here.


    1. I appreciate your response. SO my issue is that this is not working as it should in some pages. For example on the post code table, now I see the country field, however in the Extended Text I do not see the purchase fields in the purchase tab . That is why I thought I had to do smth different. Any ideas ?


  3. Hi Demiliani
    Thank you for such an informative post. Its my first time working with ApplicationAreas in AL. I am a bit confused between ApplicationArea and Experience. Furthermore how can we add new experience of our own?
    I’m creating an app that will have a basic version and a premium version for different pricings. So am I supposed to use two application areas? or two different experiences?


  4. You cannot create custom experience now, so you should work with ApplicationArea property or directly with code. I think that a Premium extension will have features that only wotking with ApplicationArea could not be enough.

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