Dynamics 365 Business Central iOS app: few details to fix.

During the months of testing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central I’ve never played with the native mobile apps but YES, there are also native apps for every mobile platform.

I’ve tested today the iOS app and it works really good. Only two notes for the Product Team to fix or start thinking:

1) The app is present on the iOS AppStore with a name that must be changed:

2) In order to provide the best user experience possible to every iOS users, I think it could be interesting to adapt the app to support also the iPhone X screen. Actually the support for this new screen is not available and (as you can see in the following images) on the iPhone X there’s a “not so nice” black band at the top and bottom (the screen is not 100% full as the iPhone X wants and also as the new iOS specifications wants):

Navigation, data insert and experience in the app for a mobile user is really really good. A new more reason to think at D365BC… 😉


  1. More important they need to fix the functionallity of the app. Why is it still not possible to enter timesheets on a device with a smaller screen below 7 inch?


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