November 2009 Entries

Microsoft xRM: a winning idea?

One of the new terms that is emerging always more on the Microsoft Dynamics universe is xRM. Do you know CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? Now take the letter “C” out of the CRM term and place a variable called “X” inside the word “Relationship Management”. The translation of this into a more technical language is simply that now you’ve to start seeing Microsoft Dynamics CRM not only like a standard CRM platform, but always more like a platform where to start building line of business applications. The xRM concept in my opinion opens a wide range...

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Sharepoint 2010 and Workflows: what about .NET 4.0?

As you already know, Microsoft has finally released a public beta of Sharepoint 2010 and Office 2010 (available from here). Starting from this Beta 1, we’re working hard on Sharepoint 2010 and I want to write this post not for celebrate the big amount of interesting new features of the platform but to signal an important lack (or at least I think so). Sharepoint 2010 actually doesn’t support .NET 4.0, it runs in .NET 3.5 SP1. I think that the main reason for this choice was due to the fact that actually .NET 4.0 is still not RTM'd...

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