October 2009 Entries

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and WPF designer

After a week of testing Visual Studio 2010, I think that the integrated WPF Designer is not so stable… I’ve successfully converted all my projects to the new version and all works good. However, when I work directly on the XAML editor on a WPF form, sometimes if a designer error occours, Visual Studio crashes. This problem occours expecially on two projects where I’ve used the WPF Toolkit. Someone has experienced problems like this? I think that the integrated WPF Designer lacks again… if you’re not a good designer like me and you love to work directly...

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Sharepoint 2010 and BLOB storage

In these days I’m collecting lots of informations regarding Sharepoint 2010 (I think I’ve to work a lot with it during the next year) and today by checking my RSS Reader I’ve discovered an interesting new feature for the upcoming version:Remote BLOB Storage (RBS). Seems that now you can store BLOB also outside the database in a supported and managed fashion. Seems really interesting. Check this post for more informations. Technorati Tag: Sharepoint

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Moving to Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

I’ve always used the Beta versions of Visual Studio on a virtual environment mainly in order to preserve my production box. However, after trying the Beta 1 version of Visual Studio 2010 many months ago, I promised to myself that the Beta 2 will become my official development environment. And so today I’m aboard… I’ve converted lots of my projects and the conversion process works like a charm… now all is ready on the new environment: Wonderful…

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Sharepoint 2010 unveiled

Yesterday at the Sharepoint Conference keynote Microsoft has shared lots of interesting news about the future Sharepoint 2010 release (Beta version in November, official release for the first half of 2010). Lots of cool things are ready and I recommend to read this post that comes directly from the Team. As a developer perspective, with Visual Studio 2010 you’ll have lots of new “facilities” for developing with Sharepoint 2010 (Project Templates etc) and Sharepoint Designer will be improved (and free again). A new Business Data Catalog engine (now renamed as Business Connectivity Service) will also be available (with CRUD...

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