July 2009 Entries

Microsoft Office 2010 and Office Web Applications

One of the coolest feature of the future Office 2010 are certainly the new Office Web Applications, now not simply services offered via web but browser-based Office clients. You can host an Office document for example on a Sharepoint site and edit documents directly by using the Office Web Applications (same browser page), with any browser… so cool isn’t it? I’m curious to see what could happen on a mobile browser… can you imagine to work with your Office documents directly from your iPhone or Windows Mobile phone? This is productivity… :) Excel Web Application

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Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 released

Mobility in the CRM world is an hot topic and I think that a great CRM product must have also a great mobile experience. Unfortunately Microsoft has not worked too much on the mobile field for its Dynamics CRM, but from version 3.0 we have the availability of a free mobile tool to use… and it works quite good (with some limits such as the lack of offline functions). Today Microsoft has released the new Mobile Express for Dynamics CRM 4.0, always as a free download for every CRM customers. It supports the full customization features of CRM...

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