Bye Bye System.Data.OracleClient

In these days Microsoft is making too much decisions that I can’t understand…

By checking my feed reader, today I’ve discovered this news directly from the ADO.NET Team Blog: System.Data.OracleClient will be deprecated from the next .NET Framework releases.

Wow… the native support for Oracle database in .NET will be discontinued… and the reasons? This:

We learned  that a significantly large portion of customers use our partners’  ADO.NET providers for Oracle;  with regularly updated support for Oracle releases and new features. In addition, many of the third party providers are able to consistently provide the same level of quality and support that customers have come to expect from Microsoft. This is strong testament of our partners support for our technologies and the strength of our partner ecosystem.  It is our assessment that even if we made significant investments in ADO.Net OracleClient to bring it at parity with our partners based providers, customers would not have a compelling reason to switch to ADO.Net OracleClient.

No… I can’t agree… We’ve lots of different types of applications that actually works with System.Data.OracleClient and I think that it has lots of big points of favour:

  • You have it natively into the .NET Framework
  • It’s really very stable and full feature.
  • No needs to deploy it

Why now we’ve to drop it from our solutions and going to third party features? Why we’ve to pay for something that an enterprise framework like .NET must have?

In the past we’ve also evaluated other providers for Oracle but our decision was always to use OracleClient. And now?

I don’t know who are the sources of this ADO.NET Team survey, but you can’t say us that the mai part of Oracle developers works without OracleClient. I hope on a miracle to change this road…

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