March 2008 Entries

Maximum number of attributes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Today I had a discussion about when to limit the number of attributes into Microsoft Dynamics CRM to gain with performances and I've observed that there's not always a clear idea on how SQL Server manages these things. When you add a custom attribute on a CRM entity, Microsoft Dynamics CRM adds a new column on the corresponding table into the SQL Server database. With SQL Server 2000, the maximum length of a table row was 8 KB. While this is still the physical maximum length of a page, SQL Server 2005 can move overflow varchar, nvarchar, varbinary, or...

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Trackbacks disabled

Due to the increasing number of trackbacks spamming (last month was terrible!), I've disabled the trackback feature on my blog. Unfortunately seems that also Akismet is vulnerable... Maybe a day I'll use something different, for example a CAPTCHA like this:

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Windows Workflow Designer Rehosting: what we need...

Some weeks ago I was invited to leave feedbacks on a survey published by Microsoft about the next version of the Workflow Designer. One of the coolest feature about the actual WF Designer is that you can rehost it inside any custom application (for example a Winform application) and you can enable your end users to edit processes or simply to to visualize and monitor the workflow state. For my little experience I've done in these months on trying to rehost the WF Designer, I can say that it's not so easy as someone could imagine. However, despite the difficulties...

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Windows Mobile Line of Business Solution Accelerator 2008

I love when Microsoft releases samples of complete applications that works with the latest technologies: they are really an important way to understand the architectural concepts and an unvaluable guide for developers. The latest release is the Windows Mobile Line of Business Solution Accelerator, a Smart Client built using .NET and SQL Server Compact edition that shows an interesting use of .NET Compact Framework, LINQ, Dynamic SQL, Web Services, WCF, Sync Framework. Absolutely to check... Technorati Tag: .NET,Mobile,LINQ,WCF

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Sharepoint Workflow package generator

On the last VSTO Power Tools package there's an interesting SharePoint Workflow Package Generator, a simple tool that creates a WSP file from a VS 2008 SharePoint workflow project. As described by Nikhil Kothari's announce: The package generator uses the feature.xml file to generate a WSP file. In the WSP file, it will also include any <ElementFile> that have been referenced. Hence, any referenced InfoPath forms and resource files will also be packaged in the WSP file. To use the package generator just type: “c:\Program Files\Microsoft VSTO Power Tools 1.0\workflowpackagegen.exe" /featureManifest:feature.xml " An example of incorporating the tool into...

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