Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 will debut on 2008 Olympics

A nice surprise comes today from Somasegar's blog:

"We have signed an agreement to partner with NBC Universal to build a Silverlight 2.0 based web broadcast of the 2008 Summer Olympic games.  This agreement also sets MSN as the official home of the 2008 Summer Olympics. 

As a part of this, we will provide users with exclusive access to over 3000 hours of live and on-demand video content via Silverlight streaming."

This will be the first big release of a Silverlight 2.0 content I think and we could see the real power of this new technology (Silverlight 2.0 will permit you to have a multiplatform CLR directly on your browser and it will permit you to have compiled languages on your browser, with performance gain something about 1000:1 compared to the actual Javascript).

Will Microsoft gain a gold metal? ;)

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