Microsoft codename "Acropolis": sounds good!

An interesting project seems to come out from Microsoft in these days. Microsoft codename "Acropolis" (actually only a CTP) is a set of components and tools intended to make it easier for developers to build and manage modular, business focused, client applications for Microsoft Windows on the .NET Framework.

As described on the project documentation, "Acropolis uses a composite application framework to address complex, changing business requirements.

Composite applications integrate functionality as components that you can easily reconfigure or replace. For example, a composite application might display data from a remote database, but let you choose between a WPF and a Windows Forms user interface. It might also enable users to choose from multiple components to interact with the data.

The important point about composite applications is that units of functionality remain loosely coupled to make change easier. Whether the change is a new business requirement or a user reconfiguration, making change easier makes improvement easier.".

This is a Microsoft's response to a large community request: having a framework for building composite applications. Having such a tool can make the developer life more easy.

A check is recommended...

Print | posted on Monday, June 04, 2007 4:47 PM