A new VB era with Silverlight

With the announce of Silverlight, Microsoft has opened us a new scenario for building rich interactive application. With Silverlight Microsoft has introduced also the concept of Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR), a new level of support for dynamic languages on .NET that lets languages share a sandboxed security model and browser integration.  This means that developers building browser-based applications can now use their preferred language even for client-side code.


With the DLR concept Microsoft has also revealed the new future for VB (or what will be called VBx). As said by Paul Vick, “Visual Basic should become a hostable language that can be easily used to do application scripting, akin to what you could do with VBScript and VBA. Furthermore, this hostable language engine should be fully portable to all platforms supported by the CLR, including all platforms supported by Silverlight (such as client-side scripting in the browser on a Mac...)”.

We’ll see more exciting news about VBx in the near future but the scenario actually opened is clear: the new .NET platform will always be more opened to the integration of different platforms and different languages. The sign of a changement…

Print | posted on Wednesday, May 02, 2007 7:16 PM