March 2007 Entries

An hosted Community Server clone "made in Microsoft"?

I've seen today with a bit of surprise the Doug Seven's announce of Athens, the community platform that Microsoft is working on. This new platform seems too much like the famous Community Server by Telligent, but it's interesting to know that someone inside Microsoft is interested on developing a collabouration platform like this. The beta is not ready to be tested but I've to leave here my main considerations: seems that "Athens" will be released as a service to subscribe, not as an independent platform like Community Server. So... will be this a succesful idea? Community Server is extremely interesting because it's...

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Windows Desktop Sharing API

By reading the MSDN blog this weekend, I've discovered a really interesting post on the Terminal Services Team Blog that has opened me a window on the future... I've read in the past about the new "Windows Desktop Sharing API"  provided by Microsoft Terminal Services, a new set of API based on RDP to enable customers to write custom collaboration solutions in Windows Vista.  With this new set of API you will be able to write customized collaboration application with desktop sharing feature and this post explains how to do this. Why this post has opened my mind? Because embedding...

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Using Microsoft CRM with Virtual PC: a solution for a noise

Microsoft Virtual PC is a great tool for making Microsoft CRM demos and lots of time it's a great choice also for development. Personally, I've a Virtual PC box with Microsoft CRM and many other features installed and I'm using it as a development environment where I setup and test my customizations. However, if you're a CRM developer and you work on a Virtual PC image, you surely have discovered some noisy effects: with Virtual PC, you can't select a view column (on system view editor and on the Advanced Find tool) and you can't customize the entity views (you...

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Dynamics NAV, SQL Server and Vista

Windows Vista is too fascinating and many customers are starting to play with this new OS. Vista has a powerful upgrade installation that permits you to update your Windows XP machine without too many troubles, and this is one of the key aspects of its increasing adoption. However, it's not always so easy and simple with the new Vista world... I've many customers that have installed Vista on their machines and, when they start wor king with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the problem started. I've written in the past that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0x is not officially supported with Vista...

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Microsoft Dynamics joins the Office world

One of the most exciting presentation that Microsoft has given us from the Convergence is surely the new Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server. This is an extremely interesting news because this product is not only a strict interface between Microsoft Office world and the ERP world, but also it comes to satisfy a big needs from many business realities: it will make available ERP data to individuals who don't spend their entire days working inside ERP applications! We'll see this new client in action soon, but unfortunately for all the Dynamcis NAV...

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Lazy Emulator for CRM Mobile Express

Joris Kalz (one of my favourite CRM bloggers) has just solved one of my troubles when I'm involved in CRM demonstrations: what is the quickest way to demo the CRM Mobile Express tool? This is your idea: "instead of using a full blown device or emulator, for CRM Mobile Express you can just use a normal browser, because it is a normal html application. But instead of just using the browser, I created a small tool, which looks like a device inside the browser. So I named this tool Lazy Emulator. The trick is, to place a device picture behind...

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Unified Microsoft Certification Transcript: finally it's reality!

I've asked many times to Microsoft that the separation between Microsoft Dynamics certifications and the other Microsoft ones is a trouble for us, and some months ago I've received a response that said me that something is moving on this field. Today the official announce: We know that many of you would like to have a consolidated picture of your certifications. Here is some good news for you: We will soon launch an update to our certification systems to unite your Microsoft Dynamics (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions), Microsoft Business Certifications, and MCP (IT professional or developer) records. As a result,...

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Microsoft CRM Pre-Sales Technical Demonstration Pack

The link given today by the Freaky Microsoft Dynamics CRM blog could be extremely useful for me in the next days (and for all that works with CRM too), so here's a reminder for the future. Thanks guys! Demonstrating Microsoft CRM 3.0 to Sales Professionals This download pack is intended to teach you the basics of how to talk to Sales Professionals about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and show you how to give an effective, efficient overview of the Sales features of Dynamics CRM in an introductory meeting situation. Demonstrating Microsoft CRM 3.0 to Marketing Professionals This download pack is intended to...

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Visual Studio 2005 SP1 refreshed for Vista

For all the .NET developers that are using Windows Vista on their development machines, there's a good news: Microsoft has released the Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update for Vista package, a new update that addressed lots of problems encountered during the Vista migration. Recommended...

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Microsoft CRM in the CRM world

I've received via email today this interesting graphs that shows the result of the last Forrester's research about customer relationship management (CRM) suites vendors. The graphs shows how actually Microsoft CRM is growing and it's becoming one of the top CRM products. It's the ideal choice for company that are thinking to create a powerful and integrated Microsoft-centric business platform. The next big Microsoft's CRM release will be during this year... what will happen to this graph in 2008?

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