Have you found problem on using IE7?

I'm reading many blog's posts that talks about problems on installing and using Internet Explorer 7 and I'm a bit surprised. Are there really so much problems?

I've installed IE7 on my 3 machines and at my desktop place at work and I've not experienced any problem. The installation was always good on every machine.

I've not experienced any problem when surfing the internet at the moment and (maybe because I'm an old Firefox user) the new tab interface is good for me. The only "problem" I've found is on a friend's pc where a chat program was installed: with IE7 it doesn't work, but this is a problem of this "orrible" chat program.

I know that many IE6 users are a bit "lost" with the new interface and the new menus, but it's the price to pay in order to haveĀ a modern browser. Firefox users (or other that comes from every modern browsers around today) are surely familiar with this new interface I think.

Maybe IE7 is too young for the masses and too different from IE6, but with the time every problem you can experience now will disappear for sure.

However, it's curious to know if you've applications that are "breaked" with the IE7 adoption. If so, feel free to leave a signal here...

Print | posted on Saturday, October 21, 2006 4:09 PM