Hosting SQL Server

I've talked some days ago about the concept of SOA and how this will be a new type of business in the next future (maybe not for all but for many) and today a new sign on this direction comes directly from the SQL Server Architecture Team: they have announced the SQL Server Hosting Toolkit project, a set of tools and services that hosting customers can use with SQL hosters to deploy their databases from their desktop up into the hosted environment. The project roadmap is extremely interesting:

    • CTP 1 - Command Line tool
    • CTP 2 - GUI & Seamless deployment via a Web Service
    • RTW - Integration into Visual Studio
    • TBD - Integration into Management Studio

Having these features integrated into Visual Studio or Management Studio is a great news. A new way to manage SQL Server is borned...

Print | posted on Monday, October 16, 2006 6:18 PM