A curiosity around my CRM menu

During my everyday development around the CRM platform, I'm using a custom Virtual PC image with a complete environment preinstalled (MS Exchange, Outlook CRM client, CRM Mobile Express etc.). Using a dedicated VPC image permits me to have a complete environment on my work machine, to customize it as I need and to have it ready for a demo (just by copying the VPC image on my notebook).

When I show the CRM environment that I've customized, on my main CRM menu there's a little curiosity that attracts the customers.

On the top of my main menu I usually have a custom logo that shows my company logo (like the figure here) or the demo company logo or a custom image that permits me to differentiate the environments.

How is it possible to obtain this feature?

The solution is quite simple and it was given me on a newsgroup some times ago. It requires a little modification on a standard .aspx page, but it's important to note that it's a custom trick not officially supported (you loose this customization if you will upgrade your CRM installation).

On your CRM server, under the folder where you've installed the CRM software (usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM) you have a folder called \CRMWeb\_root. On this folder there are some .aspx pages that manages the environment.

In order to have a custom logo on your main menu, you've to edit the navbarpage.aspx page (for example with Notepad), going just before the <body class="leftBody"> tag and here insert the image tag (<img Src="..">).

That's done! Save the file and restart your CRM and your logo will appear on the main menu. :)

Print | posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2006 8:36 AM