SMAU 2006: the sign of a failure

This week in Italy (from 4 to 7 of October) was the week of the famous SMAU, the most important Italian IT Expò, this year with a new "design", only for the IT professionals and not for the general consumers.

This changement of targets had the objective to increase the quality level of the entire Expò but... is this really true?

Personally, 2 years ago I've decided not to take part on another SMAU: the Expò was too much "consumer-oriented", too much people, with lots of guys totally interested to something like X-Box, Playstation, cellular phones etc., with few spaces for something really interesting (expecially for a developer).

This year I was tempted to take part again to the Expò, expecially because the promises was to have a more professional target, without the big quantity of people tipical of the past year's editions. However, after reading the official program, my decision was to wait. Where are the interesting content? Too much debats about "political" and management facts, without the right spaces for technical events. No, sorry but this content is not for me...

Some of my friends was there in these days and their comments were always the same: next year we'll not be there again!

SMAU is loosing every year its potential of the most important IT meeting and this is not a good sign. Someone must start thinking about this, otherwise in the next year we'll have an IT Expò totally devoted to the "business managers" and not for the real IT professionals.

Print | posted on Sunday, October 08, 2006 11:26 AM