CRM 3.0 with Windows Vista and Office 2007

This is a frequent question that unfortunately comes out in these days: customers are frequently asking if the actual Microsoft Dynamics product will be ready for the upcoming Windows Vista and the future Office 2007.

I've talked about Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the past, saying that the future Dynamics NAV 5.0 will be the first release to officially have a full support for Windows Vista and Office 2007. The actual Dynamics NAV versions (4.x) can work with Vista but sometimes you've to make some tricks.

What about the actual Microsoft CRM 3.0?

On a meeting I had some weeks ago with a Microsoft's internals, he said me that Microsoft has planned to release (maybe for the end of this year) a "Compatibility Update" for Microsoft CRM 3.0 that will permit us to run CRM 3.0 with Windows Vista and Office 2007, but no details are available now.

Fortunately today I discover that Sonoma has more news about this:


  • They are targeting late November / early December to release a "Compatibility Update" for Microsoft CRM 3.0. This software update will allow customers to run Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 with Office 2007 and/or Windows Vista. This compatibility update will be available via online download and in the CRM media kits.
  • The compatibility update for Office 2007 will switch the Microsoft CRM Laptop client for Outlook from an MSDE database to a SQL Express database. This means you can now take 4 GB of data offline with you, instead of the current 2 GB that MSDE supports.
  • Because of the cool ribbon user interface in Office 2007, the Outlook add-in will be much more integrated (is that possible!?!) than the current add-in for Outlook 2003.
  • Then they have a nice screenshots that express a lot what will be the new integration:

    Can't wait to have it on my hand...

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