Trying Windows Live Mail Desktop

I'm not a big fan of every beta version released by Microsoft, but today I've decided to test the new public release of Windows Live Mail Desktop, the new email (but not only!) client that will replace Outlook Express. If you want to try it, the download link is here.

Windows Live Mail Desktop is not only a mail client, but it permits you to manage RSS Feeds, News from Windows Live and the calendar (all is integrated with the Live services).

An interesting new thing discovered during the installation process is this:

You can add every email account you want, not forced to have only an Hotmail account (you can add every POP3 or IMAP account and also Gmail). Good...

After the quick setup, the new environment is this:

 Nice to see and to manage.

But now, it's the time to see what are the bad things of this new "gadget"...

When you try to write a message, you've a big set of choice:

but when you click on Blog Entry, you discover this:

You can publish your content only on Windows Live Spaces blogs! I hope that in the future an integration with Windows Live Writer will be done, otherwise this feature is unuseful.

Next, I've tryed to add an RSS feed in order to see the new client in action. When trying to add a new feed by clicking the RSS icon on the left menu, this message appeared me:

Oh sheet... I dont' want to upgrade the IE version I have on my notebook and I can't understand why I'm forced to have it. This is not good. Why the RSS feature requires IE7 absolutely?

Ok... for the moment this client is installed on my notebook but i think that it will remain in "standby mode" for a lot of time...

Print | posted on Sunday, October 01, 2006 11:48 AM