Logitech QuickCam and Windows Server 2003

Today I had a big fight with my Logitech QuickCam: I want to install it on a fresh Windows Server 2003 machine but seems that it was impossible because Logitech doesn't provide the correct driver for this Windows system (or at least they don't advice their customers that there are tricks for work with the cam under Windows 2003 ).

If you install the Logitech driver for Windows, the procedure will stop with an error and your cam doesn't work. The error cause seems to be an incorrect entry in kernel32.dll. After a lot of fight (a big number of tricks tryed) I've found a tricks that works:

  1. I've downloaded the latest QuickCam Software from the Logitech website (an exe file of about 33 Mb).
  2. The file is a self-extractor package. If you open it with WinZip, you'll found some folder called "drivers".
  3. I've extracted it on my pc and plugged the camera
  4. When the system asks for a driver, use the "advanced" option and choose the path for the driver (I've used the drivers\WinNew\MSGR folder)
  5. Magically, the system has recognized the camera and now it's ready to work on my Windows Server 2003.

I hope that someone on Logitech will read this post and update their site with the drivers also for Windows 2003

Print | posted on Monday, August 14, 2006 10:37 PM